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eriepa's Journal

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erie pa
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fun, sun, a bar on every corner.
814, abnigation, bars, bastard brigade, broken glass, brothers keeper, buttrock, c.u. puke, convenience stores, cuppacinos, diy, doom town jug sluggers, downtown, drinking, edinboro, eerie records, erie, fairview, getting wasted, girard, gloom, glum, grey skies, hardcore, heavy metal, heavy metal karaoke, hellbound caddilac, house parties, ink assasins, jockcore, lake effect, millcreek, mullets, my 3 scum, oi, one world tribe, perry square, professor small, punk, railbender, red sky, sex, shit talking, shockwave, shows, snow, state street tavern, the assmen, the coffinbangers, the go go rays, the simpsons, the throwbacks, vacant factories, we hate erie days, we love erie days

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